Avon and Wiltshire NHS

STS have worked to develop a specific product to meet the needs of this organisation. Since January the AWP Trust has been piloting the use of electric bikes as pool vehicles for community support staff. STS have supplied 15 bikes which now make-up the only fleet of this sort being used in the UK. This process has required a considerable amount of back-up to overcome the issues that have arisen from such a new concept. STS have been very motivated to get the support arrangements in place. Any problems have been dealt with efficiently and quickly.  The customer service has been excellent and has been a significant factor in the pilot being a success. I fully endorse the STS service. They have been able to provide an innovative response to a market need. The firm is now well placed to exploit and develop their position as leaders in this niche activity. The STS business practice is professional and well considered.

Pierre Fox – Sustainable Travel Project Manager

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