Leg one of UK tour

31st October – Manchester – met with an NHS Trust who are embarking on the sustainable travel agenda. The manager responsible trialled our bikes and really liked them. She is now taking the concept to her peers to develop a business case. They have also put us in touch with Manchester City Council.

1st November – Leeds – met with the University, Council and NHS Trust. All very positive and enjoyed riding the bikes. The University are considering our offering and the Council and Trust have taken all the information back to review.

2nd November – Newcastle – went to a Business Park where the bikes were trialled and they are considering leasing 1 or 2 bikes initially to sub-lease to tenant companies. We then met with two Newcastle Trusts who were blown away by our proposal and by the bikes. They are both looking at putting a business case together to adopt the bikes and are also thinking about our Employee Bike Purchase Scheme.

3rd November – Rotherham – met with two Trusts who trialled the bikes. Both were interested in the scheme and with the Employee Bike Purchase idea. Next step is for them to fully investigate their travel issues with a view to incorporating our bikes into their travel strategies.

4th November – Cambridge – met with key personnel at a major Trust who trialled the bikes. They really liked the whole concept and are to fully investigate it and are seeking to
incorporate our bikes into their travel strategies.

All in all a very successful week but will be glad to get back home!

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